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Yarium vs Kevin - 40k Competitive Battle Report

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Hey folks!

So I just recently had a game against Kevin from The Basement Collective as part of a Competitive League Mr. AG is running. We played a 2000 point Matched Play game, using the ETC mission packet, and got the mission that was both "The Relic and Conctact Lost" at the same time. Our mission; claim the center objective, and accomplish whatever Maelstrom Cards came up, with "Secure Objective X" cards able to be scored by either player. Here's the army lists:


Kevin's Eldar:
Patrol Detachment (Alaitoc):
- Farseer Skyrunner w-Singing Spear, The Phoenix Gem (Psychic Powers: Doom, Executioner, Mind War)
- 5x Rangers
- 1x Hemlock Wraithfighters w-Heavy D-Scythe, Mindshock Probes (Psychic Power: Protect/Jinx)
- 1x Hemlock Wraithfighters w-Heavy D-Scythe, Mindshock Probes (Psychic Power: Conceal/Reveal)

Harlequin Battalion:
- Troupe Master w-Harlequin's Kiss, Fusion Pistol
- Troupe Master w-Harlequin's Kiss, Fusion Pistol
- Troupe Master w-Harlequin's Embrace, Fusion Pistol
- 5x Players w-4x Harlequin's Embrace, 1x Harlequin's Kiss, 2x Fusion Pistol
- 5x Players w-4x Harlequin's Embrace, 1x Harlequin's Kiss, 2x Fusion Pistol
- 5x Players w-4x Harlequin's Embrace, 1x Harlequin's Kiss, 2x Fusion Pistol
- 5x Players w-4x Harlequin's Embrace, 1x Harlequin's Kiss, 2x Fusion Pistol
- 3x Skyweaver Jetbikes w-Haywire Cannon & Zephyr Glaive
- 1x Star Weavers w-2x Shuriken Cannon
- 1x Star Weavers w-2x Shuriken Cannon
- 1x Star Weavers w-2x Shuriken Cannon
- 1x Star Weavers w-2x Shuriken Cannon 
- 1x Solitaire w-Harlequin's Kiss & Harlequin's Caress




Davis' Chaos:
Battalion Detachment (Alpha Legion):

- Chaos Lord w-Mark of Nurgle, Power Sword (The Murder Sword), Bolt Pistol
- Exalted Champion w-Mark of Nurgle, Power Axe, Bolt Pistol
- 30 Cultists w-Mark of Nurgle, Autoguns, 2x Flamers
- 10 Chaos Space Marines w-Mark of Nurgle, Lascannon, Plasma Gun, Bolt Pistols, Champion w-Bolter
- 5 Chaos Space Marines w-Mark of Nurgle, Lascannon, Bolt Pistols, Champion w-Chainsword
- 20 Khorne Berzerkers w-Chainswords & Bolt Pistols, Champion w-Power Sword, Bolt Pistol
- 10 Noise Marines w-Sonic Blasters & Bolt Pistols, 2x Blastmasters, Champion w-Sonic Blaster, Bolt Pistol

Thousand Sons Super Heavy Auxiliary:
- Magnus the Red (Psychic Powers: Weaver of Fates, Warptime, Death Hex)

Death Guard Super Heavy Auxiliary:
- Mortarion (Psychic Powers: Miasma of Pestilence, Curse of the Leper, Blades of Putrefaction)


So, right away you can see that these lists are pretty mean. Kevin was hoping to stack up a bunch negative modifiers to being shot at (his Wraithfighters are almost intrinsically -2 to be hit), while he was just getting his feet wet with Harlequins, and had wisely taken lots of transports for his Players and Troupe Masters, which would give them a much higher degree of protection against shooting (as they're also at -1 to being hit against ranged attacks). However, the forces of Chaos were hoping to get right up close and personal, with a lot of close combat elements, and BOTH Daemon Primarchs. Hey, if you're going competitive, might as well be mean. This would be my first game using both of them outside a mega battle. I also had to choose at this point an enemy for my Murder Sword, and chose the Harlequin Solitaire. These guys rock a 3++, so being able to just deal mortal wounds through that could prove hilariously powerful.

Kevin won the roll to put down objectives first, so I got the pick of which table side to be on. I forgot about that point and probably wasted my last objective marker being put down (I could've made the battlefield lopsided in objectives in my favour). As it was, it was going to be a pretty even split between objective everywhere, and with Hammer and Anvil deployment. Kevin started deploying, and created a wall of Starweavers, with his Farseer and Hemlocks covering behind them. I deployed Morty & Magnus one in front of the other opposite of Kevin, with Noise Marines in a nearby building, and Lascannon totting squads holding objectives and ruins near the back. The cultists formed a huge blog across two objectives, ready to spread out to more as the game went on, and maybe using the Cultist stratagem to come back to life at full strength if they got hammered early. Kevin used a stratagem to put his Solitaire and Skyweavers in the Webway, and his Alaitoc Rangers were going to infiltrate. I had used the Alpha Legion stratagem 3 times to infiltrate in my Lord, Exalted Champion, and Berzerkers.

Kevin won the roll to go first (we tied 5 and 5, but Kevin got +1 for finishing deployment a turn before I did), but then I was able to Seize the Initiative! We then rolled off to see who would set up their Infiltrators first, and I got higher, so was able to set up the Khorne Berzerkers just outside 9 inches of his forces - a terrifying prospect to be sure! With them already right there, Kevin was forced to just put his snipers in a ruin as if he had deployed them there originally.


Turn 1:
The Khorne Berzerkers, Morty, and Maggie, all moved on up towards the pointy-eared ones, while the Cultists advanced and started moving to cover a huge area and as many objectives (and the Relic, though not yet) as they could. In the psychic phase, Maggie was able to slingshot Morty forward, putting one starweaver within his 7" bubble. Magnus also got off his +1 Inv save (so a 3++, rerolling 1's), and got off a d6 smite, but it did the max 6 damage and wiped out one of the Star Weavers! Morty tried to cast Curse of the Leper on the Farseer, but the Farseer was able to deny it. Nothing much happened in shooting, due to the major penalties against the Chaos shooting, but the Khorne Berzerkers were able to kill off a squad of Harlequins using their pistols! For charging, Morty and Maggie were both slow, despite using a reroll on Morty, but the Khorne Berzerkers were able to make it in, and destroyed all but one of the Starweavers, and slew 3 of the Rangers (who remained locked in combat afterwards). Good first turn for Chaos.


Harlequins responded by zooming their flyers into my back lines, while the Players and Troupe Masters got between Morty and the Berzerkers. Despite a huge +2 bonus to deny, the crafty Eldar were able to put Doom on Morty, and then struck at him with about 5 or 6 melta-gun strength shots, but only managed to put him down by 6 wounds. The Wraithfighters evaporated the 10-man squad of marines in the back though, and some minor damage was done to the Berzerkers. Then the Harlequins charged, and I have to admit, I wasn't ready for how much damage they could put out. With a huge number of AP -3 hits and wounds, the Berzerkers were mulched up like nobodies business, disappearing with almost an audible pop! However, the Chaos Lord and Exalted Champion still survived, partially thanks to the Harlequins trying to bring those Fusion pistols in close against Morty.

Points wise, Kevin was ahead on victory points, but the board had so far turned my way.


Turn 2:
Without their transports, the Harlequins were going to be massively slowed down. If I could kill off all the ground forces of the Harlequins, the Wraithfighters wouldn't count as part of his army to see if he'd be tabled, so I got to work trying to track down all the units I could. Magnus flew up (and Warptimed over) a building to end up just outside of 3" of the Farseer, while Morty got into position to charge multiple different units. The Cultists advanced again up, this time reaching the Relic. In the psychic phase, Magnus was again dominant, getting a 2d6 super smite to annihilate the Eldar Farseer (who then, without anyone within d6 inches to suffer a mortal wound, wasn't resurrected), before regenerating his 3++ Inv shield. Morty got off Miasma of Pestilence again, but then periled on a second power, suffering 1 wound (rolled double 1's, then used a stratagem to reroll into a 1, then rolled a 1 for the mortal wounds, then rolled a 1 for the Feel No Paint - Yahtzee!). In combat, Morty did almost no damage compared to his normal output, only slicing down 4 Players, and failing to finish off a Troupe Master on any wounds on a third unit. Magnus, meanwhile, charged into the Solitaire that had arrived, and although only 2 wounds got through the Solitaire's 3++, with each wound dealing 3 damage, the Solitaire became skewered. The Chaos Lord was able to kill off one Troupe Master in combat, but then died to a second one. The Exalted Champion then (didn't) surprise everyone by declaring himself to actually be Alpharius, so a third Primarch was on the table.


On Kevin's turn, he was really worried that he'd be down and out soon, so he went for broke and threw as much at Morty as he could. Kevin was able to slay a unit of Marines in the psychic phase due to two Smites from his Wraithfighters, but then wasn't able to put enough damage on Morty to really get him down (only bringing him down to 8 wounds remaining), and settled for the consolation prize of killing my Warlord... I mean Alpharius! However, he only had 1 Star Weaver left, the Skyweavers that had arrived from the Webway, 3 Players, and 2 Troupe Masters left on the ground.


Turn 3:
I resolved to try and finish this off, giving up my Maelstrom cards to do it. Magnus jumped over to the Star Weaver and Skyweavers, annihilating the Star Weaver with a super smite for 10 damage (and box-cars on the psychic test dealing 3 mortal wounds to Magnus), and removing the Skyweavers' Inv save. Morty slew two Players with Curse of the Leper (which, out of 7 dice, only 2 managed to be a 3 or higher, leaving a crucial 1 player left), but the finished off the last player with his phosphex grenades. The cultists paid for their points, with two flamers burning away one full health Troupe Master before the second was filled with Autogun bullet holes. Being at T2 near Morty REALLY hurts the Eldar to this kind of shooting! Magnus then finished the game off by charging in and destroying the Skyweavers whom, without an Inv save, had almost no protection. With that, all of Kevin's ground forces were destroyed, and he automatically lost the game.


BRUTALITY (Opponent Tabled)

In all honesty, this was a pretty bad matchup for Kevin, with a number of mistakes added on to boot. My forces excelled in close combat, just like his, but also had some more ways of getting through invulnerable saves, while his lacked that. Right there, that made this an uphill battle for him. And Mortarion is an absolute monster - even when he's not doing anything, he's still doing lots. His auras make just existing around him a more lethal thing to do. With Magnus warp-timing him into fantastic positions, while also being a psychic and combat powerful, the threat overload was just a bit too much to be handled.

Lessons Learned:
- Holy smokes, Harlequins are so much MEANER in 8th edition! Going from a 5++ to a 4++ is a huge increase. I thought they'd melt under my forces, but that 4++ kept them in the fight. I also was thinking of the Harlequin's Embrace as still being "extra attacks", like it was in 7th, but this weapon has undergone a MASSIVE change, making Harlequin units cut through armour like butter. I would say that this should be your main weapon for Harlequins, as the Kiss is just so lacklustre compared to it. One 5-man Player squad nearly wiped out the Berzerkers on their own! Don't think that if you catch these guys in the open that you're safe any longer.

- At the same time, the Harlequin ranged weapons have become much less vicious. Multi-shot weapons, once king, are now just "useful", and Chaos suffered very few casualties to this fire. They might work better against squads of little guys, but against 3+ armour they were very weak. Fusion pistols are still good though, if not better because you're less worried about vehicles exploding in your face.

- Harlequins are impossible, literally impossible, to pin down. If you go for them, just try and kill them, nothing fancy.

- Flyers really are a liability if you're an elite army. That's less models on the ground preventing you from just losing the game.

- Engage targets of significance. The Alaitoc flyers were really mean, but went after some basic Space Marine squads. Ultimately, this resulted in 420 points killing just 258 points worth of models... not that great for 3 turns.

- The Battle Bros, Magnus and Mortarion, and even stronger together than they are apart, able to deal huge damage to just about anything, while both being incredibly resistant to damage, and both able to handle very different targets. Honestly not sure how to handle this duo aside from blasting them to death with a prayer on your lips.

- Never forget; Infiltrators are set up after you learn who goes first, so always be mindful of where units are going to show up!

- Cultists are weak, but huge squads of them can hold a ridiculous number of objectives. At the end of the game, this one squad was holding 3 objectives, and threatening to hold a 4th, all on its own.

Thanks for reading!

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Nice report... Good read. The dual primarchs is a cool concept. 

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Thanks! I normally wouldn't have, but this is a competitive league so I figured if one was good, two would be better ;)

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It should be noted, I agree that the flyers could have been used on different targets, and normally they would have. But I had a D3 objective that required me to get them out of range of Magnus to reliably cast psychic powers, which left them with only softer targets. Second turn I once again had to use them to grab another D3 objective. So while they only killed 250 points they did score me 6 victory points, which is very good for 2 turns. In my mind my only two really big mistakes were clustering up my starweavers at the beginning of the game, and not charging Mortarion with a unit of 5 troupe turn 1. Going forward I will have a 10 man Eldar guardian squad for screening purposes, to protect my front line more.

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