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Happy Valentines Day!

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Dropping Dice Tells You DON'T PANIC

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Yarium here today with an important lesson.


(Written in large, friendly, letters.)

There will be times in your life when things seem to go horribly, terribly wrong. Your Mortarion dies turn 1 before you even had a chance to move him, you draw 5 Mountains and no creatures on your second mulligan, or there's a Reaper in your mineral line killing all your Probes RIGHT NOW. Or maybe, like I did yesterday, you lose your wedding ring in the snow while brushing your car off. In these moments, one could be forgiven for panicking and maybe doing things that, on reflection, they shouldn't do. You shouldn't throw the game, you shouldn't keep the hand, you shouldn't "select all -> attack", and you shouldn't dive into the snow and start thrashing all about.

We say "don't panic", because when you do panic, you tend to make things worse than they already are. You're trying to achieve a "quick fix" that'll immediately reduce your stress level, but if the quick fix doesn't work, you may have made the situation worse, which will now only heighten your stress level. When you throw your game, you literally can no longer win. When you keep a 5-land hand, you reduce your chance of winning more than taking another mulligan, and if you throw all your Probes at that Reaper, it'll just hop up and down the ledge and you lose all your mineral production in the meantime. Or... you might end up pushing the ring even further away, and now it's no longer in the area that it should be.


(Note: Wearing may cause invisibility and malevolence.)

Yes, panicking is a generally BAD THING to do.

So how do you help prevent yourself from panicking?

#1 - Talk To Someone, Anyone.
For most of the games we play, and for most things in life, we are not alone. We have friends, partners, and even our opponents. The main thing people are looking for in life is to feel some kind of connection with something or someone, and it's pretty amazing what happens when we find it. When we verbalise what we're feeling, we feel like someone else is listening, and we are able to pull ourselves back from whatever mind state we're in. Even if it's not totally, that little bit can help. The great thing is that you don't even need to see this person as a friend - you just need to know that they are present and listening. So when Morty dies, talk to your opponent and commiserate that you lost a big and important model from your army. They will either say "yeah that sucks" or "yeah, that was awesome, I can't believe I did that", but either way you will have forged some kind of connection with them. The only one where this isn't really an option is in a game like Starcraft where your only form of communication may be written text, but even here, saying it out loud to yourself can still help. "He's raiding my worker line. What do I do?" is a statement that will at least prep yourself for a next step and avoid panicking.


It's wonderful when you're playing a game with friends, like a game of "find the wedding ring", because your friends will have all sorts of useful suggestions they can make. "Look in the immediate area." "Did you check that space between your hood and your front-end-bra?" "Pour boiling water on the snow to melt it." "Get a metal detector." Even if not all of these statements are helpful, they all make you feel like you're not alone in your suffering.

I find this step works best because it's more than just "count to 10". You're engaging your brain in a totally new way that forces it to stop thinking about the blood gushing from your hand, and start thinking about how to properly communicate to the person in front of you exactly how deep the saw cut through the bone.

#2 - Make a New Plan


Once you're no longer panicking, you need to keep yourself from that panic coming back. The best way to do that is to come up with a plan. You may have had a plan, but that plan is over. It's done. You no longer can win because Mortarion just goes unopposed, you can't just aggro and burn your opponent out, and that sick 3-Gate build you've perfected isn't going to go so perfectly. The ring is not just going to magically appear.

So, now you need a new plan that is going to have a chance at working. It may not be what you wanted to do, and the chance of it working may not be as high as your original plan, but you need to have something. You need to say "okay, we're going to try and grab each objective we can" or "I need to keep them from assembling a force that just kills me, so I can win with my flyers" or "I'll lose some time for my 3-Gate by sending half my probes, while I keep building more probes.". In the case of the ring it may be "I am going to boil pot after pot of water and expand in concentric circles from the point that I lost it."

This plan doesn't need to be good, but it does need to be something. It should be a plan that gets you started with performing some kind of goal or task in a methodical manner so that you're not immediately losing the game or making things worse. The great thing is that sometimes you have someone there to help too. You might have a teammate, or a mentor, or a family member. These are those times when you want to use these people. They are there for you, and they know this is important for you. They can boil water while you keep searching or making phone calls. They can tell you what their army is still capable of achieving on its own and tell you if a plan is going to work or not. Even your opponent can tell you lots of things if you start paying attention to how they respond to what you're doing.

#3 - Improve the New Plan
Now that you've got something going, you can adjust and improve your plan. If possible, let your partner take over for a minute while you re-evaluate. Since your new plan is keeping you from not losing, and because you're no longer panicking, you can approach the problem as if it were something new. In many ways, looking at your problem as if you just showed up is a helpful way to think. "Hey, there's a guy here losing to a Reaper rush! I've seen this before on Twitch, and this is what Lightning-Pwner-Elite-Gamer-Dude says to do!"

Me? I did a quick Google Search for a metal detector. Princess Auto has them, but refused to rent one out to me or help me in my situation (so, in my opinion, they are jerks and I encourage you to never go to them).I think called the police station (no, not 9-1-1, just the station itself) and they put me in touch with this gentleman; https://theringfinders.com/Douglas.Bennison/

Your revised plan is going to have a better chance at winning than your "not lose plan". After an hour, the guy showed up, and another 10min later my ring was found.

If you stop and consider what's going on around you, you can make sure you don't lose, re-adjust your plan, and then just maybe there'll even be a chance you win!


Happy gaming!

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Damn Davis you have 200% more blog posts then everyone else combined haha.

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Yes! The guy I linked to found it with his metal detector. Thank God!

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