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[Warhammer-Community]This Week on Warhammer Live

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This week on Warhammer Live, we’re delving into the mysteries of Malign Portents, settling old grudges, and more…

WHLive-Jan9-ScheduleHeaders1te.jpgWHLive-Subheader2ed.jpgMalign Portents

Phil Kelly joins us to discuss Malign Portents – the start of a dark new chapter for the Age of Sigmar.

WHLive-Subheader3hr.jpgHobby tips with Peachy

A new year is the perfect time to start a new army, and Chris Peach has some advice for aspiring generals.

WHLive-Subheader4dl.jpgInternational Grudge Match

Stormcast Eternals superfan Martin Orlando travels across the Atlantic with the sole aim of beating our very own Nick and his Moonclan Grots – a worthy aim if ever we saw one.

WHLive-Jan9-ScheduleHeaders2wp.jpgWHLive-Subheader2ed.jpgHow to Write for Black Library

Black Library needs you! We’re looking for new writers for the return of Inferno, and submissions editor Charlotte has some top tips on making your work stand out.

WHLive-Subheader3hr.jpgWarhammer Underworlds: Shadespire Tactics

Rules writer Jim Gallagher shares his top tips on building a deck for Ironskull’s Boyz in Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire.

WHLive-Subheader4dl.jpgBattle for Middle-earth™

Ceri, Jay and Duncan continue their campaign with another set of battles.

WHLive-Jan9-ScheduleHeaders3uq.jpgWHLive-Subheader2ed.jpgDesigning the Daemons of Nurgle

Steve Buddle, designer of the magnificent new Great Unclean One, shares his insights on designing the Daemons of Nurgle.

WHLive-Subheader3hr.jpgNavigating the Psychic Phase

Pick up some top tips on mastering your next Psychic phase with Warhammer Community writer Rhu.

WHLive-Subheader4dl.jpgDaemons vs Grey Knights

We put the new Codex: Chaos Daemons through its paces, as Martin’s infernal legions battle Benjamin’s Grey Knights.



That’s not all – this weekend, we’re reporting live from the top tables of the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament Heat 1!

As always, you can watch this all for free on Twitch, while subscribers can check out the entire archive whenever they want. Don’t miss it!

Army Lists for Wednesday 10th January

Martin’s Stormcast Eternals


Allegiance: Stormcast Eternals


Lord-Celestant (100)
– General
– Trait: Staunch Defender
– Artefact: Mirrorshield

Lord-Castellant (100)

Lord-Relictor (80)
– Prayer: Lightning Chariot

Knight-Heraldor (120)

Auric Runesmiter on Magmadroth (200)
– Runic iron
– Allies


5x Liberators (100)
– Warblade & shield
– 1x grandblade

5x Liberators (100)
– Warblade & shield
– 1x grandblade

5x Judicators (160)

– Skybolt bows
– 1x shockbolt bow


10x Retributors (440)
– 4x starsoul maces

4x Fulminators (480)


Organ Gun (120)
– Allies

Total: 2000 / 2000

Allies: 320 / 400

Nick’s Moonclan Grots



Grot Warboss (120)
– General
– Command Trait: Big and Brutish
– Moon prodder & giant cave squig
– Artefact: Battle Brew

Grot Shaman (80)

Grot Warboss (120)
– Moon-cuttas


40x Grots (260)
– Pokin’ spears & moon shields
– Grot flag

40x Grots (260)
– Pokin’ spears & moon shields
– Grot Flag

40x Grots (260)
– Pokin’ spears & moon shields
– Bad Moon icon

20x Grots (130)
– Bows & slittas
– Bad Moon icon


3x Grot Fanatics (100)

3x Grot Fanatics (100)


Mangler Squigs (240)

Colossal Squig (300)

Total: 1970 /2000

Allies: 300 / 400

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