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BPO 2017 Winning List

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  • The Changeling (Treason of Tzeentch)
  • Ahriman on foot (Death Hex, Prescience, Warptime)
  • Demon Prince w/ Wings + maelific talons (Warptime)


  • Horrors (15x Brims, 1x Blue)
  • Horrors (6x Blue, 5x Brim, 10x Pink)
  • Rubric Marine x5 - stock
  • Rubric Marine x5 - stock


  • 5x Scarab Occult Terminators w/ Hellfyre Missile Rack + Soul Reaper Cannon
  • 5x Scarab Occult Terminators w/ Hellfyre Missile Rack + Soul Reaper Cannon


  • Helldrake w/ Baleflamer

Super Heavy

  • Magnus the Red (warptime, deathhex, weaver of fates) - Warlord (6+ FNP)


The idea of the list was to provide the most survivability no matter the situation(going first or second) while still executing coordinated devastating attacks against the strongest of units.

The HQ's filled the roles of buffers and mind bullets. The changeling provided that -1 to help Magnus survive the first (and potentially second) round of shooting, helped with the horrors as well. Ahriman usually followed the rubrics around buffing them with prescience, and overall just being a pain in the ass. The DP with wings was the frontline assault with the horrors, since Magnus doesn't need much support once he's in their face, I wanted the demon prince to follow the horrors around, let them eat the overwatch and he comes in with the blender.

Troop slots all had different roles depending on the match but more or less they were there to provide additional dakka/support. The rubrics -3AP bolters hitting on 2s definitely still hurts, not to mention the extra smite from the sorcerers even if they were 1/d3. The horrors were fodder/used to tie stuff up. Due to their invuln and the ability to assign wounds to any model in the unit, these were super survivable and a pain to get through, from tieing up warlords, to acting as a screen against an army of demon princes, these little guys did lots of work even with their points increase.

Terminators were made to do what terminators do, kill stuff. Dead. And they accomplished this with flying colors, rapid fire 2 from everyone on top of a soul reaper cannon and missiles. The main thing to remember with these guys is positioning, almost more than anything in the army (not accounting for smites) because they are surprisingly fragile if hit with some major -ap. Anywhere from 12-24" is how I used them, 12 for rapid fire or greater to grab objectives / keep chargers at bay.

My helldrake was another all star.  His main goal was to die plain and simple. Before any of my opponents could really get off any of their firepower (las, melta, whatever) his job was to take it to the face. Magnus usually needs two turns if the opponent is smart getting to the unit he wants to kill, with the Helldrake you can dive him forward 30" guaranteeing you a turn 1 charge on on almost anything.  Deployment with this one was crucial for close to last. The always hit also helped big time against things I would of normally been hitting on 6s. With his bs 4+, the choice was obvious.

Magnus - not much really required here except good judgement calls. Between angling for the correct smite targets and choose to hold back a charge or two for fear of getting eating by a certain custodes squad .. lol. Magnus is more about the threat of him - not to say he's not a beast, he definitely puts work in, but he's easy to tie up / stop if you know what to throw at him.

Overall goals list goals

  • Smart positioning is key, your cheapest unit is 125 points.
  • Knowing when to make the enemy come to you - this list is all about patience.
  • The right unit for the right job. I can't count the times I had to cross units back to the other side to get them where they should be.
  • Deployment order critical - forcing opponent to deploy key units with your deepstrikes helped at least one game.
  • Correct order of operations - target priority is real, if it has 1hp left its still a threat.

And really the most important thing was awareness, trying to calculate where they wanted to go "next turn", baiting with units and capitalizing on range mistakes (eg one of their units taking +1 turn to get to a combat you intiiated. By the time they are there they are blended or ready to take some magnusing).

Overall, one of the most fun lists i've played with lots of moving parts.

If anyone has any questions i'd be happy to answer them!


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