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40k Double Strategy

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I play Necron's and am looking for a team mate for the doubles tournament. I'm also trying to figure out a strong list. Necron's are tricky to get a good balance.

Troops might be our most powerful options, but are slow and short ranged. In application they often get wiped before they can do anything. Using the Veil is a great way to move one squad.

Also it's hard to ignore troops as Every single HQ gives a bonus to troops. I would feel like I am not using the hq to his best if there isn't at least one troops.

Considering An overlord, and 10 Tesla Immortal's, Gauss are better within, 12", but I don't want Necron troops to be charged.


Damage Dealers, My favourites are all vehicles.

DD-Arks are great but tricky to get value from both guns

Annihilation Barges, fragile, normally die first turn, but cheap, fast, and a lot of shots.

Stalkers, only 2 shots, but possibly my favourite anti vehicle gun, and it's quite tough.

Close Combat,

Wraiths and or Scarabs. Wraiths are tougher for the points are but a lot of points in one spot, and not as lethal as scarabs. Both are nice and fast.


Ghost Ark / Ctan both have their value.

It's the deceiver I might consider. He lets me move some units before the game starts, a great way to get infantry in range..... presuming I go first, otherwise he's providing an offering to the enemy.

Destroyers, nice and quick with a good gun, but less cost effective then above options.


Overall those are what I think are the best Necron units right now, and what I am inclined to use. Anyone interested in playing with that, or have tips?

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