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Taking Ideas on Ranks/Ranking System for the site

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Hey all,

We are looking for some community input on how you would like to see ranks broken up on the site in terms of post count. Normally I would follow a theme but given this is a general gaming environment I am looking for some input/ideas on what you guys would like to see. I can jazz them up with colors, formatting, etc.. but the core of the system still needs to be looked at and instead of the usual "peasant, squire, knight, duke, etc.." We were wondering if you would like to see something a bit different.

The template I have been building has been something like this; If you feel like you have a better idea of post counts for the system, please submit it with your answers.

  • 0 - 10 posts
  • 11 - 50 posts
  • 51 - 200 posts
  • 201 - 500 posts
  • 501 - 1000 posts
  • 1001 - 10000 posts

The idea is of course to encourage discussion and posting which will be rewarded through monthly or bi monthly draws based on the two to three highest post "ranks" on the site. Something like this;

If you fall into the bracket of 1001 - 10000 we put you in a raffle for a 25$ gift card, a model, etc.. (only requirement is that you've posted that month or bi month)

501 - 1000 would be for a 10$ or another trinket such as a basement collective dice bag, game tokens, ltd edition card, etc..

201 - 500 would be a pot of paint or another trinket.

The plan is to also do either a yearly or semi yearly draw for a "big" prize which could be a model painted, a gift card, a box of models, something.

So let us know what you think!

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Wow, that's crazy. Gifts for participating is something I've never heard of for an internet site. At the same time, I hope it doesn't encourage post spam either. Here's my thoughts on the rankings;

0 - 10; Forum Noob
11 - 50; No Longer A Noob
51 - 200; Forum Member
201 - 500; Forum Champion
501 - 1000; Community Regular
1001+; Hobby Veteran

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Oh you need something more epic than that.  After a 1001+ posts it needs to be something long like - Should be doing work but browsing forums instead.

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My sugeestions:

0-10  Ghost member

11-50 noobie 

51-200 rookie 

201-50 casual 

501-1000 veteran 

1000+ obsessed

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Considering everyone is coming in from zero, why not run a batch job nightly to assign the ranks based on the post quality (edit: quantity) compared to the rest of the community?


High score - I'm not a robot

80th percentile - community leader

60th percentile - veteran

40th percentile - casual

20th percentile - rookie

10th percentile - noob

5th percentile - ghost

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0-10  - 3" stick

11-50 - 6" Stick

51-200 -  12" Stick

201-500 - 24" Stick

501-1000 - 48" Stick 

1000+ - 72" Stick

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I'm going to add a level of complexity.

0 - 10;  Noob
11 - 50; No Longer A Noob
51 - 200; Rookie
201 - 500; Member
501 - 750; Champion 
1001+; Obsessed

I love these idea's from the others

Lets say Tournament local tournament placing's could add something before your name, and Donations something after.

tournament honours:

just showing up                       -Aspiring Rookie

making 3 tournaments            -Big Member

winning painting recognition    -Colourfully Obsessed

winning sportsman recognition  -Charming Noob

winning 1st pace                      - Honoured

earning 2 or more of these        - Special Cheampion, ok maybe special isn't as good.

Donation's could be custom or based on level.

Possibly allow use of Bold, Italics, underlines, or different colours.


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