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Kill Team List Ideas

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So I've recently created a new 8th edition version of Kill Team (at least until GW remakes it, which will probably be a while), which can be found here: 



So, here's a couple list ideas I'm brewing up for my first engagement:


Death Guard Kill Team:
Plague Marines - 5-man squad, Plague Knives, Boltguns, Bolt Pistols, Champion w/Plague Sword
Cultists - 10-man squad, Autoguns, Champion w/Autopistol & Brutal Assault Weapon
Biologus Putrifier - Hyper Blight Grenades, Injector Pistol, Plague Knife

Leader: Plague Marine Champion. Arch Contaminator (Plague Weapons within 7" reroll all failed to-wound rolls.)
Specialist: Plague Marine. Veterans of the Long War (+1 to wound during Shooting and Fight Phases.)
Specialist: Biologus Putrifier Grandfather's Blessings (Heal 1d3 Wounds at end of my Movement Phase.)


Harlequin Kill Team:
Troupe - 7-man squad, 5 w/Embrace, 2 w/Blade, Shuriken Pistols
Death Jester - Shrieker Cannon

Leader: Death Jester. Luck of the Laughing God (Reroll failed hit rolls of 1.)
Specialist: Troupe. Prismatic Blur (Save becomes 3++ after Advancing.)
Specialist: Troupe. Command Re-roll (Re-roll any die roll.)
Specialist: Troupe. Command Re-roll (Re-roll any die roll.)

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200 Points, eh?


Catachan Kill Team


Infantry Squad (70)

Sergeant with Power Sword and Bolt Pistol. Leader: Master of Command Warlord Trait (issue an order)

Guardsman with Grenade Launcher Specialist: Auto

6 Infantry with Lasguns

Heavy Weapons Team with Missile Launcher Specialist: Take Cover (+1 save)


Special Weapons Squad (30)

3 Sniper Rifles, 3 Lasguns


Chimera (100) with Heavy Flamer, Heavy Bolter


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Nice try Wizard you need at least 4 models.

It's a little harder for me to do this as I don't have a codex yet and the only 2 strategems from the chapter approved aren't suited to kill teams.

Would reanimation protocols work? Also would the stratagem that allows an entire squad of canopteks to get reanimation protocols work to give all my scarabs reanimation?

I'm presuming I have to use full squad sizes? Can't choose a single pratorean as my hq, then add other stuff as desired?


Simple Enough

7 Gauss Immortals

6 scarabs


A) 2cp give all scarabs reanimation protocols, and one Immortal a re-roll

B) GIve 3 Immortals a re-roll.

Leader, uncertain what command trait, need to pull one from the rule book. If there is one that helps shooting I would select that for an Immortal. Otherwise, give an immortal the feel no pain.



That Chimera would be a challenge for me to take down, the heavy flamer would put the hurt on the scarabs charging it.


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