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    Towards the end of 7th, there wasn't a lot of the game I was enjoying, but there was one thing. Kill Team. (A real Toy Soldier's game.) Kill Team is a 40k modification that's been around since 4th edition in one form or another, but the more recent adaptations can pretty much be surmised as "You have one squad. Go." You have an incredibly small number of forces compared to your normal game (I guess, that is, unless you're Orks, Tyranids, or Imperial Guard), and have to use them to cover the whole table. Each model in your army ALSO acts as its own unit, which had a world of effects. However with 8th edition bringing 40k into its new form, a lot of the rules for Kill Team don't quite make sense any longer. As such, Dropping Dice is proud to bring you his rules for 8th Edition Kill Team! Step 1: Building Your Army (Not that kind of building!) Kill Team Detachment: Your army in Kill Team must be a 200 point, Battle Forged list made from the following Kill Team Detachment, and no other detachments: Step 2: Choosing Your Warlord & Specialists (The only Warlord I need. ) Leaders: Your Warlord, which in Kill Team is called your Leader, can be any model in your army, except it may not be a Vehicle or Monster. Just like in a normal game, you may choose a Warlord Trait for your Leader to have. Specialists: In addition, you must select at least one non-Vehicle, non-Monster model in your army to be a Specialist. Specialists are highly trained/gifted/lucky individuals with fantastic abilities. Whenever you select a model to be a Specialist, choose one Stratagem for that Specialist, and deduct the Command Point cost of that Stratagem from your Command Point Total (you may not select a Stratagem that would put your Command Point Total below 0). If you use the selected Stratagem during the game and choose the Specialist to receive its benefit, you can use the Stratagem for 0 Command Points instead, making the Stratagem effectively free to use! You must use as many Command Points as you are able to this way before the battle begins. You may select the same Stratagem more than once. (All the regular rules for Stratagems apply.) (Alternative Title - 7 Highly Effective Ways to Crap Your Pants) Step 3: Playing the Game Deploying Your Army: When you deploy your army, deploy each model in your army as if it were a separate unit. That model will remain a separate unit from all other models for the entirety of the battle. If anything causes you to create a unit of models, instead it creates the same number of models, with each model being a separate unit. Additionally, Tactical Reserves are not used in Kill Team. Each model in your army must be on the battlefield at the start of the first game turn. Psychic Powers: During Kill Team, no player can attempt to cast the same psychic power more than once each turn, including the Smite psychic power. Morale Phase: During this phase, if you have taken any casualties this turn, your Leader must make a Battleshock test. Roll a dice and add the number of models from your army that have been slain this turn. If the result of the Morale test exceeds your Leader's Leadership characteristic, the test is failed. For each point that the test is failed by, one model in your army must flee and is removed from play. You choose which models flee from your army. If your Leader has fled or was slain, choose any other model in your army to take the Battleshock test instead of your Leader, however, a number of models equal to the dice result must flee and be removed from play, even if the test is passed. If the test is failed the dice result is the minimum number of models that flee instead. (Every dude in this image is awesome in Kill Team.)
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    Omg i love kill team! I am so Going to try this later. Thanks for the rules update.
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