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  1. Warhammer TV

  2. Orks @ Arby's

    This is amazing lol. I'd be interested to see what the full ad is. Do they shill for the orks or is kind of not mentioned and just there?
  3. WTB Horde Trays

    exactly what I was looking for. Ty
  4. WTB Horde Trays

    Looking for trays like this that don't cost 32CAD + shipping each If you have some or think you can make some for 25mm round bases hit me up please
  5. Gaaah! I am sick and tired of competitive players/games!

    Excellent write up and I definitely think you touched on a lot of solid points. A lot of people think it's the army and while certain armies definitely have edges it's a lot to do with decisions during the game. Unless you're playing at the highest level like an LVO or big GT almost every army has a chance generally at the very least to finish top 3-5. I really enjoyed reading your article as it echos the similar thoughts I tend to have. In regards to WAAC, I have to admit i've been on that side of the coin in certain occasions (spamming 5 commanders comes to mind) but it's also the mindset you go into the tournament/event with. I knew for that event I wanted to run something stupid like 5 commanders because it was a tourney, I had never tried it before and frankly if it did good or bad I was happy to get the shot to play it - I would even go as far as to say similar to 180 gretchin? @Capt. Thunderfawks lol.. A regular game I would never bring anything like that unless I cleared it with my opponent first though, it's just good manners haha. I think for me, right in hte middle is where I like to play, the most competitive I can be (im not just gonna let you kill a unit to kill a unit for instance) with the given parameters/event type. I am probably not gonna bring gargoyles and lictors to an ITC event but i'd bring them to a local tourney for sure.
  6. **2018** What are you eating today?!

    Big ass spicy chicken/pork burrito from Quesada. Almost anytime i'm in New Sudbury if i'm hungry this is my stop.
  7. Electriceve

  8. Mallius

  9. FrontlineGaming TV

  10. JanuineVision

  11. Jack of Clubs Painting

  12. Slowfusegaming

  13. Mi_Cho

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