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  1. Warhammer TV

  2. Orks @ Arby's

    This is amazing lol. I'd be interested to see what the full ad is. Do they shill for the orks or is kind of not mentioned and just there?
  3. WTB Horde Trays

    exactly what I was looking for. Ty
  4. WTB Horde Trays

    Looking for trays like this that don't cost 32CAD + shipping each If you have some or think you can make some for 25mm round bases hit me up please
  5. Gaaah! I am sick and tired of competitive players/games!

    Excellent write up and I definitely think you touched on a lot of solid points. A lot of people think it's the army and while certain armies definitely have edges it's a lot to do with decisions during the game. Unless you're playing at the highest level like an LVO or big GT almost every army has a chance generally at the very least to finish top 3-5. I really enjoyed reading your article as it echos the similar thoughts I tend to have. In regards to WAAC, I have to admit i've been on that side of the coin in certain occasions (spamming 5 commanders comes to mind) but it's also the mindset you go into the tournament/event with. I knew for that event I wanted to run something stupid like 5 commanders because it was a tourney, I had never tried it before and frankly if it did good or bad I was happy to get the shot to play it - I would even go as far as to say similar to 180 gretchin? @Capt. Thunderfawks lol.. A regular game I would never bring anything like that unless I cleared it with my opponent first though, it's just good manners haha. I think for me, right in hte middle is where I like to play, the most competitive I can be (im not just gonna let you kill a unit to kill a unit for instance) with the given parameters/event type. I am probably not gonna bring gargoyles and lictors to an ITC event but i'd bring them to a local tourney for sure.
  6. **2018** What are you eating today?!

    Big ass spicy chicken/pork burrito from Quesada. Almost anytime i'm in New Sudbury if i'm hungry this is my stop.
  7. **2018** What are you eating today?!

    Post any and all pictures of anything you're eating today or any day 2018!
  8. Electriceve

  9. Mallius

  10. FrontlineGaming TV

  11. JanuineVision

  12. Jack of Clubs Painting

  13. Slowfusegaming

  14. Mi_Cho

  15. OcrystGaming

  16. Next Level Painting

  17. AmpServices

  18. BeastsOfWar

  19. WinterTideWolfStudio

  20. Gamer Dad NC

  21. Reiner72

  22. KeyLimePrime

  23. The Basement Collective

  24. Hellmouth 2018 2v2

    Hey There! You should be able to post this right in the calendar as well if you'd like!
  25. Community & Why We Do It

    So, another year is upon us. Some would even go as far as saying another day has dawned in the era of gaming in the North. Some people have asked why do this? What's the point? I kind of chuckle at the questions, people just generally assume that myself and @Capt. Thunderfawks do this because we love the community and while that is most definitely true -- I have to admit I am a bit selfish in the sense that I do this because I enjoy keeping busy in my free time. Anyone who knows us knows for certain that we love the community, love the events and for the most part love the people who make up the community. This is a side passion of mine - web development, running infrastructure, and of course table topping. Our primary goal as an organization is to bring gamers from all walks of life together, as a team this is what we hope to accomplish. As individuals we have very different views of and ideas for what we want out of this. While I won't speak for the captain, for myself everyday I enjoy taking on new challenges and while some of those may seem as pipe dreams, thats the beauty of how I work, I dream big and sort out what we can do to be realistic. I understand some people want the world when a dreamer talks of their ideas, but part of managing expectations and my job as a dreamer is to help identify what will happen and what could happen. You will never hear me say that I am content with any system, job, game, whatever - I will always look for ways to improve, theorycraft ideas new and exciting or talk smack about current implementations and issues. Now with that said and if you've made it this far in my ramblings i'd like to break down the train of thought into what goes into something like this, what to expect from a site such as this and the type of person you have working behind the scenes to bring you this. So without further ado, let's take some time to go over what we have in store for the site, what we'd like it to become (and not become) and give an overall roadmap into this entire community portal from my point of view. Plans/Ideas Continual site improvement. Whether this is login integrations, feature enhancements, bug fixes, this I promise will be the majority of my work here. Central portal for almost all gaming activity. Tabletop style will be the main focus and we will branch off as needed. Integrations are a part of what make communities communities. Inclusion not division. Negativity/Harassment will not be tolerated here. There is no repeals or higher authority here. If we feel that you only bring toxicity to the community we will remove you. I know this was controversial in the past but let me put it out there -- I will not tolerate people starting shit just to start it. And of course hearing your thoughts and ideas (I cannot promise I will do everything you suggest but as a team we will vote) We are a small team - be patient. I cannot stress this enough and I touched on it above. Yes some of our ideas may sound great and be the greatest thing since sliced bread - it doesn't mean it's going to be implemented tomorrow. Be patient with us, this is a hobby about a hobby not a full time job. Expansion - You've all been on the sites around the web, blogs, forums, whatever. Our goal is to become inclusive not just within the local community but branch out to other parts of the country to start. This goes back to the don't be a dick thing. People do not want to come to a toxic environment. The key to expansion and attracting people is having a welcoming and helpful community. This is my expectation of you all - my return on investment if you will (which financially was substantial). Now with all that said, I do this for myself but also for you all. My goal has always been to have a really chill environment for people to come and hang, play some games, shoot the shit over the games and things they love to do. Myself and @Capt. Thunderfawks have been working for months now and are really excited to bring this new community portal online for everyone. We're really excited to see what everyone is doing hobby wise, game wise or just what's up in general. If you ever have any questions or concerns my PM is always open, please do not hesitate to use it. Thanks everyone!