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  1. WTB Horde Trays

    Not to sure if you saw this site. https://6squaredstudios.ca/index.php?route=product/category&path=3000_3005
  2. I am super excited to play the new Daemons. It is shaping to be a great codex, I will admit the more competitive edge will exist when it is paired with their mortal brothers the Chaos Space Marines. That being said I am a daemon purist, so I will only be running lists that contain just daemons. As Kevin said that deep striking stratagem will be FAQed quickly, before LVO, my 2 ideas of how it will be FAQed will either be restricted to Daemon Faction codex daemons only, or will not be able to be used by Lords of War. I also really like that Khorne is getting some love, I am actually going to try some at a tournament next weekend. The deepstriking and 3d6 charge is crazy, add Skarbrand near by and its a party. Albeit an expensive party (5 CP). This relic is pretty sweet, however I am leaning towards the 4+ invul for Khorne Monster strat.