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  1. Manipulating First Turn

    I'm looking for construction criticism, or examples not blame the general. If you think the general is the fault please offer specific tactics that might help. Implying I suck is discouraging. P.S. I won second place in one of the local tournaments before, Yarrium would have won the Rumble in the North 2 years in a row if I didn't beat him to earn a second place win. It was a close match though, I think I beat him by one point. I've built a good versatile army, and it wasn't quite enough, right now my index is very challenging. So I was wanting to bring up one factor of the game, to explore it. Going first is considered an advantage, can it be made up for yes, but it still exists and I wanted to explore it. If you have examples of how you succeed going second I would like to hear them. Let me be clear while my index is challenging it just means I need to try harder. I'm not trying to blame the index, I'm trying to find a way to win with it. Twinner that is interesting that 65% of games are won by the player who went first. That is almost 2-1. My last list I wanted to try something fun, I put in a CTAN for its ability to redeploy units before the game starts. This ability is more powerful if you get first turn, I ended up going second. As it is, I didn't use it much. Everything of mine had the ability to get into range quickly, so I just repositioned a DD ark. Even though I bubble wrapped my CTAN he fell to sniper fire turn 1, I lost 2 Annihilation barges, and my wraiths took a little fire. I still had some speed, I moved the DD arks, a Stalker and the annihilation barge into position, and dealt some good damage, got into close combat with some shooting stuff. My Immortals and Overlord mopped up some fast moving unit I didn't know the name of. Turn 2, I lost a DD ark, The remainder of my 12 wraiths (most were still ok). Leaving me with one DD ark, an annihilation barge, an overlord and a few Immortals. Despite using cover to increase my immortals bonus, cover to block line of site from a lot of his heavy support and tying other stuff up with wraiths it wasn't enough. I used tactics, but it wasn't enough, would I have won if I went first? Not sure he was a great player. Would I have done better? (sensored) Yea! I want to increase my understanding about first turn. Any stories about tactics used in the first game turn would be greatly appreciated. I always love mini battle reports, even if its just about one turn.
  2. So in this edition going first is huge. I'm wondering how many people build their lists with this in mind. The +1 to your roll to go first is significant. You will win the roll to go first about 67% of the time. After the steal the initiative roll, your total odds of going first will be 62%, still quite nice. This gives armies like Necrons who use max squad sizes a slight advantage. I mean 20 warriors is 240 points, increases your odds of going first. I'm actually thinking this makes Destroyers more valuable, because it's a single unit worth almost 400 points. Does anyone deliberately bring fewer squads to try and get this bonus? Are there any armies that can manipulate this roll? I can get Toholk the blinded to re-roll failed steal the initiative rolls. It didn't increase my odds of going first by much. Is that character worth getting? Toholk isn't. Compared to a normal cryptek he's an extra 61 points. He has a weaker gun than normal crypteks, lets one vehicle within 6" heal D3 instead of 1 wound per turn, and he lets you re-roll failed steal the initiative rolls. Pretty pricey for those bonuses. Is there anyone that deliberately wants to go second? If so what is your strategy? I am extremely curious about people that choose to go second.
  3. 40k Double Strategy

    I play Necron's and am looking for a team mate for the doubles tournament. I'm also trying to figure out a strong list. Necron's are tricky to get a good balance. Troops might be our most powerful options, but are slow and short ranged. In application they often get wiped before they can do anything. Using the Veil is a great way to move one squad. Also it's hard to ignore troops as Every single HQ gives a bonus to troops. I would feel like I am not using the hq to his best if there isn't at least one troops. Considering An overlord, and 10 Tesla Immortal's, Gauss are better within, 12", but I don't want Necron troops to be charged. Damage Dealers, My favourites are all vehicles. DD-Arks are great but tricky to get value from both guns Annihilation Barges, fragile, normally die first turn, but cheap, fast, and a lot of shots. Stalkers, only 2 shots, but possibly my favourite anti vehicle gun, and it's quite tough. Close Combat, Wraiths and or Scarabs. Wraiths are tougher for the points are but a lot of points in one spot, and not as lethal as scarabs. Both are nice and fast. Other Ghost Ark / Ctan both have their value. It's the deceiver I might consider. He lets me move some units before the game starts, a great way to get infantry in range..... presuming I go first, otherwise he's providing an offering to the enemy. Destroyers, nice and quick with a good gun, but less cost effective then above options. Overall those are what I think are the best Necron units right now, and what I am inclined to use. Anyone interested in playing with that, or have tips?