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  1. Shadespire tourney

    Looking at running a shade spire tournament. Thinking end of March. Looking at March 24th thoughts opinions
  2. Path to Glory!

    you pick a leader then a some group to ight with him however as the warband grows its random chart rolls to see what new models join your warband
  3. Path to Glory!

    i would be interested
  4. Necromunda for sale

    ok just let me know
  5. Necromunda for sale

    looking to sell the box set for Necromunda:gang warfare its the complete box. Also the gang war supplement and Goliath gangs cards. looking for 100 for it all
  6. Necromunda

    i would be interested
  7. 40K teams tourney

    only 4 spots left also if you have not paid yet it is now 30 dollars entry fee as the 10th has come and gone. Second if you have all ready paid Doug please let me know so i can update the list
  8. 40K teams tourney

    am i missing something here i cannot edit my post
  9. 40K teams tourney

    This has been up for abit on Facebook now that i am on this site i thought i would post here 40k teams tournament When : Feb 24th Start : 9:30 am Points : 1250 per player (2500 per team ) Cost : 30$ per team 25$ if you per pay by 10th of February Pick your partner and come player more details will be updated this weekend As above this will be a teams tournament Rules: 1. your psychic powers can only be used on your army 2. your deny the witch can be used against any power being used (even if used on your partners army ) 3. Out of both players atleast one player must take a Battalion Detachment 4. No detachment can be taken more the once per player 5. any Maelstrom missions played will use one Tactical objectves Deck(generic) 6. any disruptive behavior and you will be ask to leave 7. any rule disputes will be resovled by the TO or Judge 8. 3 games will be played by each team 9. Use all your normal army abilities ie warlord traits relics comand points. Only cross over ability will be deny the witch this will be updated will any rule changes or updates Missions 1. front-line warfare(Chapter approved book) 2. Deadlock 3. Cleanse and Capture If there are any questions or sugestions please contact me on facebook messenger or email at 55hihnala@hotmail.ca please just post on here the names of the players and army's being played. we have room for 14 teams Teams 1.Corey/Jeff Paid 2. Brandon.C/Taylor B Paid 3. Andrew/chantel 4. Wes/Steve Paid 5. Brandon Cook/Bensen Paid 6. Geoffrey Daniel/ Taylor Brear 7. Steve. M/ partner Paid 8. Clark/ Jay 9. Austin/Brian Paid 10. Hansen/Smith 11. Peter/Wes