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Found 3 results

  1. There's another shot at challenging the common interpretations of the gameplay mechanics. We looked at the Phantom 3" last week, so on to another one! It has occurred to me that the requirements for unit coherency only take affect when you have completed moving a unit. At the end of any move you need to make sure that all of the models in the unit are within at least one other model in the unit to a maximum distance of 2" horizontally or 6" vertically. Everyone agrees with this, right? I was playing a game against a cagey Necron player last week who was keeping a unit of Immortals on his back line with the plan to Deep Strike them onto my side once my own rearguard was broken up. He was planning on jumping in 9" away from me and sniping my Wyveryn at the first opportunity. I, of course, kept my rear units spread at maximum coherency to blanket the backfield and shut down his deep strike. Spreading out like this, however, seemed to leave me vulnerable to my screen breaking at the first sign of casualties. If I were to take a few hits and remove models from my thin screen then deep strike openings would start to appear. This got me thinking. What if I were to remove models from the MIDDLE of a stretched out unit? I could easily remove every second model from my conga line without compromising my deep strike 9" bubble. Sure, my unit might have a 4" gap in the middle of it, but as long as I don't move this shouldn't be a problem... Right?
  2. The Phantom 3"

    Did you ever need an extra few inches to pick up an objective? Try the Fight Phase! If you call a long bomb charge that you don't plan on making you stay put in the charge phase, right? Well, even though you failed your charge you can still use the Fight phase to: 1) Chose a Unit to Fight With ("Any unit that charged or has models within 1" of an enemy unit can be chosen to fight in the Fight phase.") 2) Pile In (Move the unit 3" - even though it failed its charge?!) 3-5) You're not within 1" of anyone so ignore these 6) Consolidate (Move another 3" - WHAT?! Tell me there's an FAQ!) So, even if you're whiffing on a 6" charge you can still walk forward and score several precious inches(provided you're always heading towards the closest enemy model) What do you think?
  3. Have you seen the new Chaos Daemons codex for 40k or its previews? If you have, then you know that it's a good time to be a mother-fucking daemon! Daemons have had a number of issues in 8th edition, with a number of changes that really hampered them. As it is, Daemons have become something more of a support force for Chaos Soup, always giving something, but not really standing on their own. If you're looking for me to say that this all changes with the new Daemons Codex, I'm sorry to say, but you'd be mistaken. Oh, stand-alone Daemons are still DEFINITELY going to be a thing, simply because it's fun to do, but they're unlikely to make a big hit on the competitive scene. But, what if I told you that there's a new Relic that not only is very powerful, but also changes one faction from being a one-trick pony into a two-trick pony! Feast your eyes on the new Khorne Hellforged Artifact: So, upon cursory inspection, you probably are seeing something pretty similar to many other things in the game; extra attacks. You may notice one difference, but not quite it's importance. It doesn't trigger on hit-rolls, but rather on wound rolls. Also, unlikely almost everything else you've seen, you probably didn't notice that this doesn't just trigger in the Fight Phase... Yeah, it triggers EVERY TIME. Every. Single. Time. You making attacks in close combat with +1 to wound because of Veterans of the Long War? It triggers. You shooting a Lascannon from a Defiler? It triggers. You firing Overwatch? It triggers. It triggers, it triggers, it triggers! These extra attacks are made with that same weapon, so yes, if your Khorne Obliterators get a to-wound roll of 6, that's going to be an extra shot from them. Take this relic and park it near the Lord of Skulls (which can also be Deep Striked for 2 Command Points like a boss), and all of a sudden you'll be doing absolutely insane amounts of damage. So enjoy your new shooty Khorne lists! This may not be insanely good, but it's a powerful extra thing to include for something that Khorne needs to strength in anyways.