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Found 1 result

  1. My oh my, guess we're starting this thing all over again eh? Well, in case you're new to me, hi hello, I'm Ian, I'm painting and wargaming out of North Bay, long time fan of Dark Angels and a more recent fan of Mechanicum and Deathwatch. Painting wasn't always my favourite thing but it is definitely the biggest aspect of the hobby for me now. In case you missed my previous posts on Dark Shard, I'll be using this thread to post up my finished models that I paint. I'm not going to post WIP's unless someone specifically wants to know how I did something, as I keep a record of my progress for the Facebook group 1HourANight. (Great hobbying group.) So, I'll start off this new thread by doing the post I would've posted on Darkshard had it not met its untimely demise (And taking down the points count I had painted for the year 2017, 4000+ points.) and post my year in hobbying in 28 projects and 77 models. (More photos of anything below can be provided upon request.)